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FCICA Board of Directors Announces New Strategic Plan

FCICA Board of Directors Announces New Strategic Plan

FCICA, the Flooring Contractors Association Board of Directors Announces New Strategic Plan 2021 - 2023

The Board of Directors, led by Board Chair Pat Kelly of Synergy Flooring, is pleased to share FCICA has a new mission statement. The full Board held several meetings to carefully review and revise the association’s mission.

An organization’s mission is important. Mission statements serve as the guiding principles of an organization - from it stems the organization’s overarching strategies, and specific goals to support and realize that mission. The ultimate aim is to give leadership clear direction to provide value to you, its members.

The process happened over several months, beginning in July with a strategic plan survey sent to both FCICA members and nonmembers. Survey participants shared their feedback on a wide range of questions related to engagement, programs, events and management. The information provided the Board with a sense of how members' expectations are being met, where there are shortcomings and recommendations on new ways to better address current member engagement needs.

The survey result review was followed up with a two-day meeting at which the most notable responses were discussed. As part of the exercise, Board leaders were then asked these three questions:

         1. FCICA is the organization that _________.

         2. No one can _________ as well as FCICA can.

         3. We want FCICA to be seen as _________.

From the responses, common words and themes were pulled to draft a newer, more succinct mission statement. While not a drastic modification to the previous mission, the update expands on the organization’s key direction. FCICA’s new mission statement is:

We help make commercial flooring contractors successful through expert education, sharing best practices and professional networking. This mission is supported by the following four strategies:

  1. Grow membership and engagement in FCICA.
  2. Create opportunities for members to network in large and small group settings.
  3. Expand quality education and certification programs offered through FCICA.
  4. Increase recognition of FCICAs value within the industry.

FCICA Board of Directors and staff look forward to supporting its member companies and their staff through this new mission. 

FCICA, headquartered in Glen Ellyn, Illinois is the resource for premier commercial flooring contractors. FCICA strives to promote the advancement and continuous development of Certified Installation Managers (CIM); provide technical education, business support and industry expert networking and deliver skills and knowledge to enhance the professionalism of commercial flooring contractors. FCICA is an international association whose contractor members serve the continental U.S. plus Burma and Canada. For more information about FCICA: visit our website or call 630.672.3702.

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