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Go Carrera solves one of the biggest issues facing flooring contractors—finding and working with subcontract labor. Prior to Go Carrera, it was nearly impossible to understand a subcontract installer's skill set and, at a high level, what they are truly capable of. Our platform evaluates each installer based on real world data, then assigns a skill score that we call the Hammer Rating—a patent pending algorithm that’s been tested on real installers since early 2019. It has proven to be an accurate depiction of an installer's actual skill level and abilities. Foster better subcontractor partnerships and make decisions based on facts by teaming up with Go Carrera!

The flooring industry suffers $3 billion in annual failures. Skilled Pro Alliance Inc., developed the Go Carrera platform to address this problem. A transparent skill-based approach starting at the very foundation of building great structures, the tradespeople. Our customers are specialty contractors that hire 1099 tradespeople with specialized skills in the various individual scopes of construction. Our platform starts with the Hammer Rating, making a great match between the customer’s need and the tradesperson’s skill. Go Carrera’s digital toolbox provides everything needed to find, hire, schedule, manage, and pay the tradesperson. Communication and tracking work progress, accounting, and pay applications with lien releases all on a single platform. Go Carrera matches based on our Hammer Rating which creates a community of greatness. Each tradesperson is greatly incentivized to gain more knowledge and skill in their craft through continued training and education, increasing their Hammer Rating and thus matching them with more rewarding work opportunities. Add to the mix that generally these specialty contractors hire out the labor portion of the project to specialized 1099 craftspeople. Essentially, the quality and success of the entire project heavily relies on the skill and abilities of the men and women who are actually doing the trade work. But, how can you possibly know the actual skills and capabilities of arguably the most valuable people on your project? Go Carrera was founded by a specialty contractor with over 25 years of experience in navigating turbulent labor markets in construction. We leverage our patent-pending algorithms to issue the individual tradesperson a skill score (we call it a Hammer Rating). This score is a standardized and un-opinionated measurement of an individual’s actual skills and abilities, providing decision makers the data they need to hire the right people based on a specific project’s requirements.


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