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CIM Program Scholarship Application - 2023

The Bruce Newbrough Memorial Scholarship

Sponsored by ARDEX Americas

The Bruce Newbrough Memorial Scholarship was established to provide educational opportunities to Floor Covering Installation Managers who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to and excellence in proper substrate preparation and installation of floor covering. Bruce Newbrough, as ARDEX Director of Technical Services and later Applications Development, tirelessly utilized every opportunity to further his vision and passion which was industry education and training on proper substrate preparation, all for the purpose of achieving successful installations. This is the foundation on which FCICA, the Flooring Contractors Association was built, and the reason that Bruce was a dedicated ambassador of this organization.    

Please complete the application to be considered for this scholarship. Completed applications are due June 30, 2023. One scholarship will be awarded in 2023. Applicants will be notified after the review period, approximately mid July, 2023. 

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I have 1 - 3 years Installation Manager (IM) experience
I have 3 - 5 years Installation Manager (IM) experience
I have over 5 years Installation Manager (IM) experience
I have previous experience in the flooring industry and my goal is to become an Installation Manager (IM).

Question # 1  What market segments have you/are you working in? i.e. healthcare, hospitality, institutional, multi-family, residential, etc.

What types of manufacturer or product trainings have you completed? i.e. ARDEX Academy, Johnsonite University, etc. 

3. List two or more types of flooring products that you have experience with. i.e. carpet, linoleum, rubber, tile and stone, vinyl sheet, wood, etc. 

Describe the most challenging installation you have successfully performed.

Why do you want to become a CIM candidate?

How will the Bruce Newbrough CIM Scholarship help you?

Describe a leadership experience in which you made a difference on the jobsite.

Reference # 1

Those that receive the CIM designation must also adhere to the continuing education (CEU) requirements of the Certified Installation Manager (CIM) Program.

The procedures established in the Certified Installation Manager (CIM) Program are based in well-founded industry-established methodologies, but FCICA expressly disclaims any warranty – express or implied – as to the utilization of these procedures when implemented by any user in a specific application, regardless of whether that user has been accredited under this Program. Any warranties imputed by law are hereby waived to the maximum extent allowed. Furthermore, any damage caused by the use, or misuse of materials or procedures demonstrated herein or in this course is solely the responsibility of the user of the materials or procedures and the user hereby indemnifies and holds harmless FCICA and the CIM program as well as their officer, directors, and agents from any and all liability arising out of the use of the CIM Program procedures and materials suggested therein. CIM Candidates will be entered into the CIM mentoring program and contacted by a member of the mentoring team. FCICA and the CIM Program will maintain the confidentiality of CIM candidates and their contact information, financial information, test results, and all certification related materials not otherwise deemed public information.

By signing this application, the above CIM applicant attests to have read and understand the CIM Code of Conduct and pledges to uphold it to the best of their ability. They furthermore authorize FCICA and the CIM Program to release or publish their identity and contact information upon successful completion of the CIM Program.

All CIM program content, assessment tests, and materials that you receive (the “Proprietary Materials”) are proprietary and confidential. Applicant agrees to use all reasonable care to maintain the confidential nature of the Proprietary Materials, and not to use or allow others to use the Proprietary Materials for any purpose outside the scope of the CIM Program. The Proprietary Materials are copyrighted [2015] by the Floor Covering Installation Contractors Association. Inc. (“FCICA”) and may not be shared, transferred, copied, or reproduced, and shall remain property of FCICA. CIM Program participants must follow federal, state and local safety and health regulations or requirements. 

By typing in your name and clicking submit you agree to the above terms.

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