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Schönox HPS North America, Inc.

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Schönox HPS North America, Inc.


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Schönox HPS North America, Inc. specializes in manufacturing the most technically advanced subfloor solutions for new construction and renovation. Our innovative products include primers, moisture mitigation systems, subfloor repair products, self-leveling compounds, adhesives and waterproofing materials - all skillfully developed to be more time and cost-efficient.

As a company, we are defined as much by our people and our values as we are by our products and technology. We believe anything less than a perfect subfloor is a failure. That’s why we spend every day conducting research in the field and in our laboratories to develop better products, superior solutions and new ideas.

We’re natural-born problem solvers, backed by over 125 years of German ingenuity and driven forward by entrepreneurial American grit. Our passion for science and technology, combined with our expertise in construction, allows us to build better floors, better spaces, better relationships and better communities.

We believe that the success of Schönox is measured by the ability to meet and exceed a customer’s expectations through the use of each of our products. Whether it’s a moisture-resistant patching compound, self-leveling compounds with embedded fibers for added strength, or any one of our other products, we have the solutions for even the most demanding subfloor projects.

Schönox is the flooring expert that is ready to listen, learn and work side-by-side with customers. We are known for making state-of-the-art products, but our customers remember us for answering the phone at five a.m., for showing up on a job site three states away and for never stopping short of perfection. When it comes to conquering critical, damaged and uneven substrates, Schönox is ÖN IT.


Shane Jenkins
Senior Technical Coordinator

Technical Resource Directory
Justin Abbott
Regional Business Manager, Technical Sales

Karen Bellinger
Business Development

Katherine Carrington

Clayton Corbett
Regional Business Manager, Technical Sales

Clay Criswell
Regional Business Manager

Marcus Dahl CIM
Technical Soloutionist Deco

Stefanie Griepentrog
Marketing and Communications Specialist

Tom Guilfoyle

Brandon Hagen
RVP Midwest

Karly Harper
Interactive Media and MarCom Assistant

Doug Matney
Technical Projects

Hubert Steinberg
Manager - Export and Industry

Thomas Trissl

Britton Watson
Senior Marketing & Communications Manager

Doug Young
Executive Vice President

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